A New Year a New Start

A New Year a New Start



_DSC6161City of Bath – Nikon D800 – 8sec @ f/8 – ISO 100 – 98mm

In 2015 I am going to need to be more disciplined with my own photography.  Teaching workshops and at the University take up a lot of time where I could be making my own pictures, so when I get the chance to go out on my own really should.  So I went on a post-Christmas/ pre-New Year trip to the City of Bath and then a very first visit to the Brecon Beacons.  I will start off with a few of the pictures from Bath and more images from the rest of the trip will follow soon.

The trip to Bath was only partly personal however, on Saturday 17th and into the early hours of Sunday 18th January 2015 I will be running a new workshop Bath at Night.  The evening and night will be filled with photographing some beautiful locations which are illuminated around the city.  It is the type of shoot I love to do myself and having some students along on that evening will be great.

Below is a a few of the locations that we will visit during the night and some camera settings for those of you who like to look at that type of thing.  It was a lovely but very cold night out just wandering with my camera, this night being a purely selfish one.  I would love to see some more of you along on the workshops so make sure you get in touch.

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City of Bath – Nikon D800 – 30sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 – 40mm


Pulteney Bridge – Nikon D800 – 15sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 – 38mm


Pulteney Bridge – Nikon D800 – 30sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 – 24mm


The Royal Crescent – Nikon D800 – 20sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 – 70mm


Margaret’s Buildings – Nikon D800 – 10sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 – 24mm